Do you need some meat for your next grill-out or are you looking for that perfect cut of meat to be the centerpiece of your next family get together?

Heywood’s Provision Company offers a wide variety of cuts of meat, from organic meat like locally raised pork and beef to specialty meat like salamis, sausages and deli meats. Our butcher shop also carries poultry and fish, as well as seasonings and other treats. Whatever your needs, Heywood's has the largest selection of high quality meat, perfect for any time or occasion.

Grass Fed Meat: Cuts of Beef


Whether it's ground beef, a hearty steak or any of our other beef cuts, we're the butcher shop for you.

Organic Meat: Cuts of Pork


Heywood's has the pork chops, pork tenderloin and all the bacon you'll need for your next BBQ.

Specialty Meat: Sausages & Salami


Heywood's has a large selection of sausages, salamis and deli meats. We make all meat cuts in house.

From The Water


If you're looking for something more than beef and pork, look no further than Heywood's selection of fish.

Chicken, Turkey and Duck Meats


Heywood's organic meats also include a wide variety of high quality, locally raised poultry.

Seasonings and More


Heywood's offers delicious seasonings to accompany your cuts of meat, from salty to spicy to sweet.

Organic meat in Marietta
Butcher shop offering beef and pork
Marietta cuts of meat

About our Butcher Shop


Learn more about Heywood's mission and the team that strives to be the best butcher shop in Atlanta.

Cuts of Meat and Products


Get an overview of the different types of meat we offer and the cuts of meat for each type at our butcher shop.

Contact the Meat Market


Call Heywood's Provision Company, get location information for our butcher shop or send us an email.

More information about the butcher shop

Cuts of Meat and More


Heywood's offers a wide selection of organic cuts of meat        Best local butcher shop in Marietta Georgia        Best local meat market in Marietta Georgia

Store Hours: Closed Monday, Tuesday - Thursday 'by appointment'.


Friday           10-6

Saturday       10-6

Sunday         11-3


Be sure to check out our Facebook for Holiday hours.

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